Hi, I’m Davide Serafini.
I’m a [Mobile] [Web] Developer
and Digital Consultant
from Italy.

Now I run Modic, an agency that builds customer experiences and digital products, together with Francesca Poles.

Ehm... What does [Mobile] [Web] Developer exactly mean?
Mix Mobile, Web and Developer to have an idea of what I do.

Mobile Web Developer: I've worked for ~7 years at Usablenet, mostly on mobile sites (not responsive, but dedicated solutions for smartphones). You can still have a look at the client list here (thanks Wayback Machine!).
I've also worked on some in-store kiosk, cool stuff!

Mobile Developer: still mobile developer, but without web! We are talking about mobile apps here, both native and hybrid.
In 2017 I've helped developing T-Mate for Android, a smart home app to control lights, fans, heater, doors and other home devices. This was the first experience with BLE and greenDAO.
In 2017 I've also developed BeachLove, kind of a "dating" app to be used during the Beach Volley Marathon, the world biggest beach volley event (~ 25.000 participants in 2018). It's an hybrid app built on Ionic + Angular, with a Symonfy backend and API.

What about [Web] developer then?

Well, that's the usual websites, ecommerce and such.
Unfortunately I can't disclose most of these works, as they were done for other agencies.

I've developed the new site of Campo Teatrale, a theater and acting school in Milan.
This site has a couple of nice features, i.e. filterable courses where content, URL, page title and h1 tag is also updated for SEO purposes, and the events list updates itself as time passes, moving old events to the "past" list.
I've also developed a custom solution for rooms booking management using Angular and Symonfy for the API.

Ok, so you've got some years of experience here...
Anything else, not strictly related to development?

Well, I'm very interested in data and analytics too.
In 2016 I got the GAIQ certification, so now my knowledge of Google Analytics has some order and coherence. I manage analytics almost on every project I'm involved in. I've also started learning more about Machine Learning this year.

Inbound Marketing and conversion funnel is another topic I'm interested in, also got the Hubspot certification back in 2016.

Last but not least, SEO is another important topic for me, especially the technical aspects (structured data, page structure, ...).

I want to know more, and in case contact you. How?

Well, glad you're interested!
First, I suggest you to have a look at my LinkedIn profile, then you can write me on Linkedin directly, or also by email at davide@davideserafini.com.

Let's have a chat!